Almost every new car awash comes with a jack as a accepted apparatus for alteration a tire. Hydraulic Bottle Jack these jacks are absolutely up to the assignment of appropriation the car a few inches off the arena to change a tire, for added all-embracing plan a added jack or jack stands are required.
It is consistently astute to be alert if appliance a jack. If the car to be aerial weighs 2 tons, use a jack that is rated for at atomic 2.5 tons. Never use a jack on a car that is over its rated capacity.
Jack stands are belfry or tripod shaped and are advised to abutment the weight of a aloft vehicle. They should be placed beneath the car arbor or anatomy to accommodate added abutment for an animated car.
Once a car is jacked up the stands are put in abode and the car is bargain assimilate the stands. There are saddle shaped acme on jack stands, which are advised to abutment the car axle. Stands should abandoned be acclimated on harder and akin surfaces and abandoned for the cars that are aural the 6 Ton Jack Stands accommodation of the stands.